Budapest, April 21, 2020. – Naturally, we are getting ready for this summer with an all-new XIXO product just like we do every year. The Mojito and Mojito-Mango flavored XIXO non-alcoholic carbonated soft drinks have been available on shelves since April to customers craving a little refreshment. We have two surprises in store for those of you who love flavors that really pop.

As many of you may already know, many different factors influence whether a flavor is perceived as pleasant or not. Memories, places, people, the feelings we felt at the time are all connected to the process of taste, this is why just one sip of a drink may remind us of wild parties or relaxing summer evenings.

A mojito is such a drink, it is not only the pleasant mint flavor we enjoy but all the experiences it is reminiscent of. XIXO brings this feeling of fun and whatever other experiences we choose to add to it depends only on us. The Mojito flavor will be enjoyed by classic cocktail lovers while Mojito-Mango provides refreshment for those who prefer adventurous, exotic flavors.

. “Our new products provide our customers with unique new flavors, we trust that XIXO Mojito and Mojito-Mango will be this summer’s favorite refreshments. The new soft drinks are made with fructose and natural stevia extracts, also, they do not contain any preservatives, just like most of our XIXO carbonated soft drinks,” said Beatrix Mészáros, marketing director for XIXO.

The new XIXO products made with the high-quality ingredients you have come to expect are available in stores from the middle of April. Thanks to the 100% recyclable aluminum cans the new XIXO flavors provide consumers not only with refreshment but an opportunity to take care of the environment.

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