Our XIXO aluminum cans are designed to last forever

The aluminum packaging of our products is made from infinitely recyclable materials.

Aluminum is a key component of a low carbon circular economy. Not only is it lightweight, durable and flexible, protecting the liquid from light, oxygen, contaminants and pathogens, it is also infinitely 100% recyclable, and its melting process saves up to 95% of energy.

75% of the aluminum ever produced is still in circulation today.

Thanks to conscious sourcing, we use SPEIRA ORBIS, which has an extremely high recycled aluminum content, most of the time to manufacture our aluminum cans. This means that the aluminum recovered and used has certainly been a consumer product at least once. The higher the recycled content, the better for the environment. As a result, the aluminum we use has an exceptionally low carbon footprint worldwide, setting an example for the whole industry.

Our Group has reduced the proportion of PET bottle packaging to less than 5% over the last 5 years and we aim to reduce this to less than 1% by 2025. 

So don’t forget to toss beverage cans in the recycling – they could have a new life in 60 days!