About Us

Since 2013, the XIXO brand has combined everything needed to create a truly unique consumer experience. Our products are made with selected, quality ingredients and a strong focus on health consciousness. Our brand is renowned for its innovation, boldness, youthfulness and trend-sensitivity, and our product developers are constantly working on creating harmonious recipes with quality ingredients.

Our carbonated drinks are made with stevia and fructose, without aspartame or preservatives. The secret to the success of our iced teas is the wide variety of flavors, the affordable price, the natural tea extract and the real juice. Our Tutti-Fruity range exploded into the public consciousness in 2022 as a true innovation and quickly became a consumer favorite in Hungary. Tutti-Fruity drinks are available in a variety of flavors, naturally decaffeinated, with added vitamins and without preservatives.

The XIXO brand is also characterized by its environmentally friendly packaging, as our products are made from a high percentage of recycled aluminum materials, which are also 100% recyclable. XIXO carbonated beverages are packaged exclusively in aluminum cans, which also means that our company has completely eliminated PET bottle packaging in this product range.