XIXO’s three carbonated beverages receive the Superior Taste Award


Three members of the Hungarian XIXO carbonated beverage range have been awarded the two-star Superior Taste Award, the grand prize for outstanding taste, by the International Taste Institute in Brussels. The 200-member jury of chefs and sommeliers selected XIXO’s ginger, tonic and cola flavors from thousands of products submitted from all over the world.

Founded in 2005, the International Taste Institute’s mission is to evaluate and rate the world’s food products with the help of internationally renowned and respected culinary experts.  The International Taste Award is the Michelin star for ready-to-eat food and drink, where one, two or three stars are awarded to the best.

The 200-member panel uses very strict criteria to select the products worthy of a star, tasting and awarding the rating without packaging, in so-called blind tests.

The seriousness of the award is reflected in the fact that the panel has a total of 86 Michelin stars and includes Bocuse d’Or winners. Hungarian experts are among the professional judges, with sommeliers Mihály Fabók and Kálmán Kozma representing Hungarian gastronomic culture.

“The XIXO brand is already renowned for its innovation and trend-sensitivity, and our product developers are constantly working on harmonious recipes made with quality ingredients. The two-star International Taste Award is the most credible independent recognition of our products. In addition, not one but three of our flavors – cola, ginger ale and tonic carbonated drinks – have been awarded two stars, so in fact the award for excellence in taste is a sign of the premium quality of the whole range.” – said Márton Vecsei, XIXO Brand Manager.

Since 2013, the XIXO brand has combined everything needed to create a truly unique consumer experience. The products contain selected, quality ingredients with a strong focus on health consciousness. The carbonated drinks are made with stevia and fructose, without aspartame or preservatives. In addition to the rich flavor selection, premium quality and health-consciousness, the brand is also characterized by sustainability and environmental protection efforts, as for more than a year now, XIXO carbonated drinks have been packaged exclusively in 100% recyclable aluminum cans by HELL ENERGY Hungary Ltd., which also means that the manufacturer has completely eliminated PET bottles in this product group. This step is exemplary to date: today in our country, most of the carbonated soft drinks on the shelves of stores are packaged in plastic bottles, and most of the packaging ends up as waste, which is known to be one of the most polluting and endangering problems for our planet.

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