Budapest, February 17, 2020 – The domestic brand XIXO, gaining popularity with its premium quality iced teas and carbonated soft drinks, has signed a one-year collaboration agreement with Gábor Szabó Jr., the most successful Hungarian show-jumper. Two years ago, XIXO had begun working together with top Hungarian athletes in a large-scale campaign, and now they have put their support behind a Hungarian equestrian athlete who has achieved international excellence.

The Hungarian-owned brand XIXO appeared on the market seven years ago and offered excellent quality products at an affordable price earning them a defining position on the domestic market. XIXO products are made in one of Europe’s most modern bottling plants from grade-A ingredients. The preservative-free iced teas and carbonated soft drinks of the XIXO product family can be sold in school snack bars and canteens, their products made with sweeteners are aspartame free as well.

In the past few years, the support of Hungarian sports has become an integral part of the brand’s life. The names of many top athletes have come to be associated with the brand-building on common values, as they are also dedicated to performance and excellence. Among them is Gábor Szabó Jr, a renowned Hungarian equestrian, with whom XIXO has built their current collaboration.

Hungarian show-jumping took a while to live up to our history as an equestrian nation and have a world-renowned athlete emerge from our ranks. But thanks to Gábor Szabó Jr, we have a show-jumping competitor recognized as a member of the international elite in the sport who is very proud of his Eastern Hungarian roots and has rejected a slew of foreign offers. This spectator favorite equestrian athlete represents professional and elite show-jumping, his upcoming goal is to finish at the top of the European Show-jumping Championship to be held in Budapest next year. Apart from being an active professional athlete, he is a teacher as well, imparting his knowledge to young equestrians and taking every opportunity to popularize Hungarian equestrian sports.

“We are very happy to support Gábor Szabó Jr thereby supporting the great tradition of national equestrian sports. Gábor’s career, spanning 15 years, is proof that if exceptional talent is accompanied by the appropriate humility and dedication, it can take the athlete all the way to the top of the game not only nationally, but internationally as well. We are certain Gábor’s athletic success, charming personality, and dynamically growing career will do a great job at representing the XIXO brand, as our passionate dedication to quality is the basis we have in common,” said Péter Pantl director of international marketing and communication.”

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